Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why gucci mane deserves to be called god

Why does gucci mane deserves to be called god? good question, and as a matter of fact i was asking myself the same question last night, and this mourning. and by god i think i found the answer god dammit.
well the answer comes in parts, sort of like the symptoms to a disease. Except this disease mean's the whole world should be terrified and in love with you at the same exact time.
1.He has a judas. Every god and profit has a judas at least once in there long legacy of a story. = soulja boy

i know i have hated on this dude for awhile, but no ones gunna lie and say the dude dont got them hits. still dont mean shit if you ask me in prospect he is the weakest factor to gucci's team so icy, and if gucci shot some dude in front of him he would most likely snitch.. bitch made.

2.His sound is god like.
theres something paramount about so icy and its their ad libs, its as if busta, jeezy, and santana made an album together named AD LIBS. This gives all the big ass goon ass dudes the right to say aye like a 15 yr old girl... something santana has been trying to do since his first song.

3.The man got king like riches
Now im not a jewelery man, and believe me if i was i would be draped in it, cuz god forbid you only had one chain. (one of Gucci's testaments to a full filling life)

4. He's not eminem.

enough said. Gucci mane deserves to be called god.


Anonymous said...

i gotta say this is the best hip hop post ever hands down oh yeah and happy bday homie


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