Thursday, May 7, 2009

happy birthday hotcrew

8 am update it looks like it is going to be at my house  so call me up i should know  by like noonish 

yo its my so it's time to get crunk i know you guys are wondering what were going to do
heres how its looking  there are options
one would be  bbq at my house     
CONS completely depends on the weather 
cant get as wild at night   
it is  deep in queens but if you dont care enough to come id rather not have you 
but then again i want it to be easy  for people to get to
PROs big backyard can go on longer byob all day and night all ages 
 we have it at the bodega from 2-7  and rockstar bar afterwards
CONS no byob  after bodega  
not officiall all ages  for all you no id having people 

good sound

it comes down to what ever make the most sense 
 hit me on the celly 

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