Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LOS was right
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The 5 Pointz artists’ studio building in Long Island City, Queens is known around the world for the distinctive graffiti that covers its exterior.
However, building inspectors are now questioning the safety of the building, after a 20-feet section of some exterior concrete stairs collapsed and trapped a woman underneath on Friday evening.

An artist who goes by the name Chris tried to help rescue the woman.

"The staircase was on top of her. I thought we could lift it up and so many people thought we could. I tried at first and then it was too heavy," said the artist.

Emergency responders were eventually able to pull the woman from under the rubble. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

As of Friday night, the cause of the collapse was unknown.

Artists say they were told the building is unsafe and it was being shut down temporarily due to serious safety code violations.

Those who gathered outside the studios Friday night said they did not know where they are going to go.

"Over five years you accumulate a lot of work. I work every day. So I'm trying to figure out how to get my stuff out and that's my primary concern," said an artist.

At least 100 artists have studios in 5 Pointz, but they did not know late Friday how long they would be locked out or if they would ever be able to work in the building again.

Betsy Long feared the accident would mark the end of the place where her husband has worked for a decade.

"This has been a creative community of good people, and it's going to be difficult if everyone loses their space," said Long. "In a lot of ways it's a sacred space, so it's a shame for this to happen, especially if the building comes to an end this way."

City officials told the artists on Friday that they could only reenter once the building had a protective scaffolding, and that it would not be built until at least Monday.


Studio 57 said...

news reporter in the video on the site has the most amateur narration of the newscast ive heard in a long long time.

nohands said...

its mos def