Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Em's New Cover Art Leaks, Damn Twitter Always Fucking Shit Up For Everyone

One week after previewed Eminem’s cover story from the upcoming June issue, Slim Shady posted the artwork to Relapse, his first solo album in over four years, on his Twitter account.

Under the post, “This is getting very real…” Em put a link to the colorful cover art, which features the Detroit MC’s image made up of a slew of pills against a black background. Staying with the theme, there is also a prescription order to the rapper under his birth name in the lower left hand corner by none other than Dr. Dre, who produced a majority of the disc.

The album picture addresses Shady’s long-standing drug problems. In the new XXL, he opens up about his addiction, which he blames for his absence. “I wasn’t ready mentally. I wasn’t ready to give up the drugs,” he told XXL editor in chief Datwon Thomas. “I didn’t really think I had a problem. Basically, I went in, and I came out. I relapsed, and I spent the next three years struggling with it. Also, at that time, I felt like I wanted to pull back, because my drug problem had got so bad. I felt like, maybe if I take a break, maybe this will help.”

Relapse, the first of two album Em plans on dropping this year, is set for release on May 19, while his XXL issue hits stands on May 5th. The special collector’s edition also includes an illustrated Marvel comic book with Em and The Punisher. – Elan Mancini --------XXL

Kinda doin the T.i. Papertrail cover homage/interpretation a bit early em. maybe he shoulda just been more like nicholase cage from the sweet god of war posters a couple years ago and been made out of bullets, i geuss that woulda been fifty tho. and dre made out of platinum records and and and an E-mu SP-1200. but regardless, the pill motif is kinda overused in the way that using brass knuckles is tacky imagery as well (dating back to a previous chat of mine with max).

 although-yeah im still trying to find that program where i can say "make this picture using these several google image searches" with the click of a button but i think thats some industry secret(lots of hours wasted on kidpix) i also like the cheesy prescription diagnoses in the corner prescribed by who other then- the docta! and instructions say: take 1 tablet(s) one time(s) daily at 3am. 3 AM as in After Midnight AM?? damn shady youre life must really be out of wack if youre up until 3 AM e v e r y n i g h t!

 i wish marshall the best of luck now that these troubles have arisen.although i better watch out for myself cause from the look in his eyes, it seems like ems about to give some whiteboys some new really bad ideas...

as anthony said "fuck it, im still copping it."

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Fancy Fre$h fifty-seven said...

im up till 3 am everynight- most of the time 8. i just hopeits not chok full of gimmick ya kno.
its sad that the music biz has steeped so low that artist's have to have a sales pitch everytime they drop a new one.
fuck it im still coppin it-