Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Messiah Has Returned

I have spent many a night itching at my ankles and neck, Biting my teeth, and restlessly fumbling in my thought anticipating the return of the messiah. My good ol' buddy "THE GOD" used to chill with me, and my older brother. fashionably of course, while we rolled our blunts and pissed our time away bathing in thought. This is no nebulous trend, this is the real deal hollyfield.

March is here and i want my crack! ya Hear!
Cuz you keep giving me these free sample and the HIPHOPHEAD is so fuckin pleased.

i really dont care if you dont care, i care, and anyone who loves hiphop, weed, and literature know exactly what im talking about.
boys sit down and men stand the fuck up.
no homo

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