Monday, March 2, 2009

Chain of Strength interview

eazy e reppin chain of strength

Here is part of an interview i had with Curt Canales, lead singer of Chain of Strength, recently. My intentions as of late are to talk to a bunch of 80's straight edge dudes and see how fucked up they're willing to get with or without me. Curt resides in cali so I didn't really bother with fucking with him too much. He's mad cool even though he's not really ABD material. Listen to COS cuz they rule.

Was Malicious Intent started as a straight edge band? What was the scene like at this time playing parties and shows in Orange County?

Malicious Intent was never a straight edge band. Most of us in the band were SE who loved to play Hardcore. We all grew up in Pomona Valley. Pomona, despite being a heavitly Black and Hispanic population, had a great scene. We had two clubs (Pomona Valley Aud. & Club 12xu) that showcased bands from all over the country! Like: Agnostic Front, COC, DRI, YOT, Vandals, Suicidal, Battalion of Saints, just to name a few. It was truly a great place to grow up in the Punk/Harcore Scene.

I have a live version of "True till Death" and before the song you say "this song is called true til death , which is something that we're not" , Can you explain this comment in regards to what straight edge means to you?

I think the "True Till Death" version you're reffering to is Live in Conn? What i said was "something they were not" It sounded like, "something we're not", but if you listen to the comments leading up to that moment, you will see the context. Straight Edge was a big part of my life. It was a badge of honor at the time. I just never wanted to preach or force it down anyone's throat. It was a value system that shaped my character at such a young age.

You recorded the Circle Storm demo using No for an Answer's equipment unbeknownst to them, how did they react to that and how did the record/idea for Circle Storm come about?

The Circle Storm recording was so overblown! We recorded the music for the 7 inch, which at the time, was supposed to be a sampling for the next Chain record. That never happened, so I put vocals to it and circle storm was born. It was never as "shady" as some critics have claimed.
Remember, Chris was in NFAA!

What was your feeling on the perception of Chain of Strength as a "surfer" band and was there any animosity between you and other bands out there?

Alot of Myth's with Chain. The surfer tag was something we picked up after touring the east coast. But if you notice, there were alot of the bands at the time, and following, that adopted a similar style. As for the band animosity, it was everywhere! I won't go into great detail but it existed amongst alot of the big name bands. There wasn't this great "Brotherhood" like there was in the early eighties. We wanted nothing to do with it. Sure, we were victim to many rumors and insults, but at the end of the day, it said little about us, and everything about them.

How do you feel about hardcore as a whole today?

I'm not too sure what's going on in the HC scene today. I hope it has moved past the "edge meter" and finger pointing that was beginning to take shape when we broke up. The new school "hardline" attitudes were discgusting! They were chipping away at a youth movement that we helped build and it hurt! I hope the true hardcore fans resisted this "lord of the flies ideology" and saved the greatest youth movement of our generation. Hardcore (SE) will be with me forever. It helped shape who I am today, and for that I am thankful.


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