Wednesday, March 11, 2009

$300,000.00 CAVE

So these assholes build a house inside a cave in a place called FESTUS, MISSOURI and then wonder why no one wants to spend 300,000 dollars on it (on ebay). Its one of those things that seems like a cool idea for a second when you're drunk at a bar. "hey wanna build a house inside a cave?" "hell yeah" but then the dj plays poison idea and you forget about it. 

Here's a video of them going on TV basically begging someone to buy it. They even got their ugly kid to go on camera. No wonder that kid is so weird he grew up in a fucking cave. 

Here is a link to the ebay auction.


Studio 57 said...

dude's last name is sleeper, AND he lives in a cave. important point.

vampirella said...

This is one of my dream houses, legitimately, if it were in the middle of the city.
also that kid rules.

jill said...

i think its kind of awesome.
i would totally live in a tree house.

home birth. eww.
some kid was born in a cave.hah

those people are vampires.

Anonymous said...

dirty jon lived in a cave in france...real talk

MewStar said...

bout to cop this