Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ya missed it suckers!!


photo: Josh Maupin

As some of you know, Chief Bodega has been hosting some raucous fucking parties lately. Last week we had three KILLER shows... Wednesday we had Japanther, Spank Rock, Ninjasonik and Totally Michael, which the Village Voice posted photos of here:

http://blogs. villagevoice. com/music/archives/2009/02/photos_spank_ro_1. php

Last Friday and Saturday, Chief Bodega participated in BAM's "Sounds Like Brooklyn" Music Festival, with Friday's show featuring Cerebral Ballzy, Thriller, Smarts, Grocery Thief and DJ Maxwell 57... Saturday's show featured DJ Dirty Finger, DJ Teenwolf, Mr. Andersonic and Murdertronics... holy shit was that awesome! One of the better parties yet!

And at 3am on Saturday (technically Sunday), just as we were shutting down the party, the cops raided the Bodega. After nosing around for a few minutes as kids cleared out, the police grabbed me.

Long story short, I narrowly avoided jail time, a $500,000 fine, and further complications.

As a result, we are canceling the parties we have scheduled and closing the Bodega while we finish the paperwork and renovations needed to get a liquor license. It makes me sad to cancel parties and fail to keep commitments to promoters and performers but we have no choice.

Thanks for your continued support of DIY shows and venues in Brooklyn. We love nothing more than throwing crazy fucking parties for ya'll. Extra special thanks to all the performers and Chief staff who have made the Bodega what it is.

Rest assured, we'll be back. Bigger, badder, and stronger.

Fuck The Police,

Andy Smith

Co-Owner, Chief Bodega

www. ChiefBodega. com