Wednesday, February 25, 2009

things you are probably to cool to know about

it started with this wkikpedia says I Set My Friends on Fire is an American post-hardcore duo formed in 2007 by Matt Mihana (vocals, lyrics) and Nabil Moo (vocals, guitars, percussion, programming, and all other instruments). The duo first made themselves known on MySpace, where their rendition of Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" (originally entitled "Crank That Calvary Boy") received more than one million plays.[1][2] Nonetheless, the duo's MySpace page was removed three times because MySpace had assumed that the duo were using software to increase the number of plays.[1]
They then signed to Epitaph Records,[3] who released their debut album You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter on October 7.[1] The album received a half-star rating out of five from Slant reviewer Nate Adams, who said "[It's] high in the running for worst album of the year…The music aims for brutality and melody, but misses the mark entirely on both counts."[4] Alternative Press reviewer Phil Freeman also gave the album one-half star out of five, remarking that the album "has exactly zero memorable moments".
then came this urban dictionary says this "A band hailing from Albuquerque New Mexico, USA. Their music is very unique and combines crunk-type hip-hop vocals with screamo and electronica beats. Brokencyde is composed of four members and a mascot. The members are Se7en, who is the primary rapper and screamer, Mikl, who is the first hype man and occasinally adds latin and robotic sounds to the beats, Phat J, who is the back-up rapper and screamer, Phat J also works the synthesizers, and makes sure all of Brokencyde's beats are fresh, Antz, who is the second hype man, and controls the fog machine and lights during live shows, and Bree, the pig mascot of Brokencyde." it also says

The act of having a penis inserted into your ear.
1. "Holy shit, my grandma died last night"
"Really? I got brokencyded last night"
"Oh man, I'm so sorry."

2. "Did you hear about Jerry?"
"He's in hospital, yeah? The old brokencyde again."
"It pierced his brain. He spent all day yesterday telling me how much of a musical genius Chad Kroeger is."

then these unique individuals
The band originated in 2005 from a song titled "The Kids" that Deuce and J-Dog posted on the band's MySpace profile to positive reviews, leading them to form the group Hollywood Undead with their friends Johnny 3 Tears, Charlie Scene, Funny Man, Da Kurlzz and Shady Jeff. Shady Jeff later left, leaving the band with only six members. In their first nine weeks on MySpace they had almost a million plays and by 2006 they were said to be leading MySpace's top unsigned artists list with over 8 million plays.[2][3] By November 2008, the band had over 440,000 friends on MySpace They want to keep their identities a secret to add to the mystery of their music. Most of the time the band wears the same or very similar masks. On the cover of their album Swan Songs, Deuce aka The Producer has a blue and silver mask with pink tape over his mouth. Charlie Scene wears sunglasses and a black kerchief over his nose, mouth, and neck that bears the words of his name, Charles P. Scene, in white lettering. Funny Man has a black mask with his initials "FM" in yellow in the left cheek, and a small triangle of yellow dots on his right cheekbone. J-Dog wears a white mask with bleeding eyes that splash red down the cheeks, and a one dollar bill taped across the mouth. Da Kurlzz wears a divided white mask with two sides; one smiling and the other frowning, and has black hair that usually shows around his mask. Johnny 3 Tears has a blue mask with butterfly detailing across the right side of the face, and a white number three on his left cheek. The members of Hollywood Undead often wear hats with the initials "LA" and each has many tattoos
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