Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Now i have never been called an old man or culturaly dumb, i happen to be on the top of everything music and technology since my father bought me a sega with his re up money when i was 5, but as of late even i feel stupid. My kingdom of a crib is stocked with the latest in gaming and video technologies, 52 inch flat screen, playstation 3, x box 360, bluray laptop, and a kick ass pc i built when i was 16. but the wholesome nostalgic geeky warm feeling that was reminisant of a smart geeky me b4 the druggs has vanished.


i can't help but feel a void, as more kick ass shit comes out. The kinda shit that i have to have, but really dont have to have. i used to sell drugs and buy my dumb shit just to have it, then when i questioned my self mentaly i would smuther it verbally with a loud ass Ballin! But with this sudo responsible working life i just cant afford it. sad to say but crispy fresh is ballin no more.


Anonymous said...

the embedded video don't work

Kill Traitors said...

achieve through righteous steps

jill said...

ur still a geek


Fancy Fre$h fifty-seven said...

yeah yeah im still a geek and yo who the fuck is editing my post's i dont go removing and adding shit to your post--- lay off