Sunday, February 22, 2009

get that viacom money

“Ninjasonik is a band, not a rapper,” says their MySpace. But maybe that’s not even quite right. You know how your mom or little brother or whoever will call you up and just tell you their whole life in detail, whether you’re listening or not? All like, “Yeah so, it was so weird, today I ordered egg salad for lunch and they gave me a green salad with actual eggs on it. Like whole ones.” And you’re just like “… napping cat..”

Well, Ninjasonik’s kinda like that — they just tell you stuff, like “I got a MySpace, I got a Gmail, I got that Facebook but I don’t do Friendster” — only instead of being all “…” you’re like “!!!” Know what I mean? It’s the same as the scenario above, except that hours later, you find yourself repeating over and over in your head, the phrase “Green salad with actual eggs on it.”

Ninjasonik’s songs are mostly about wearing tight pants and sound like Humpty Hump and Biz Markie battling ODB at a Rapture band practice. Stupid, huh? Yeah. And awesome. Deeply embedded in the Brooklyn underground, Ninjasonik have been known to deliver said awesomeness illegally from the middle of bridges in the middle of the night, going full-clip until the cops shut them down. Because, as they’ll remind you repeatedly in their VERY HIGHLY NSFW rants, they just don’t give a f—. They got no morals. Party rock. Listen with caution.


scandalous pandalous said...

sonik fuckin ninja

Studio 57 said...

gettin ninja moneh oh oh, we gettin ninja moneh

jill said...

hahah yes its exactly like eggsalad