Friday, January 23, 2009

yo slim the only way were starting a band is

if we can cover this

The mandible consists of:

madibles a curved, horizontal portion, the body. (See body of mandible).
two perpendicular portions, the rami, which unite with the ends of the body nearly at right angles. (See ramus mandibulae)
Alveolar process, the tooth bearing area of the mandible (upper part of the body of the mandible)
Condyle, superior (upper) and posterior projection from the ramus, which makes the temporomandibular joint with the temporal bone
Coronoid process, superior and anterior projection from the ramus. This provides attachment to the temporalis muscle


Soren said...

DO IT!, E town rulzzz. my boy ryan from flesh temple will do guest vocals, he loves this shit. P.S. what the fuck are mandibles?

Fancy Fre$h fifty-seven said...

who knows? but this is fuckin epic! i have found my calling

nohands said...

im not being sarcastic! soren i think you should do the rap part..... what ever became of those grills?

shuga said...

hahaaaaa my boy sweats e town, i thought it was just a jersey thing , word,, yea soren get on vocals

Kill Traitors said...

i'm from the jersey shore, you couldn't escape e-town, for a few months when i was 14 i didn't think anything else mattered

danhalen said...

Damn i haven't heard this shit in years

nohands said...

so can we all agree this song kinda rules???