Saturday, January 3, 2009

yo mew get at me

what better way to say  "what recession?" than by gettin  poor and drunk  with  patroose

 what is patroose you ask?   the urban diction   cites it as
:1. patroose
Patron + Grey Goose + Cranberry Juice= PATROOSE!!!!

One shot Patron
One shot Goose
Two Ounces Cranberry Juice

Mix in a shaker with some ice. Pour it, DRINK IT!!!

if you need further explanation as to why this rules    well then  yur kinda slow aren't ya but hear let  jamie fox  and  young jock explain it .....and while im at it does every rapper with  "young/yung " suck or are there exceptions  still don't know about young Chris


Joe said...

this doesn't seem like a particularly inexpensive way to get drunk during the recession.

nohands said...

thats cause hustlers dont feel no recession

nohands said...

hustlers also dont feel double negatives

Fancy Fre$h fifty-seven said...

if you use lil or young in your alias and you aint a chick, you dont deserve reconition, in hip hop history.

look at lil cease.
hes making work out dvd's and there still calling him lil.

Fancy Fre$h fifty-seven said...

idk about this drink goose and patron dont seem like a combo made in heven, most likely end up with your head down in the can.