Thursday, January 8, 2009


this is a step by step instruction manual on cookin that crid-dak
geta big ass bowl roll that blunt up and mix
1/4 part joe budden
1/4 part royce da 59
1/4 part crooked i
1/4 part joell ortiz
stir it all
and you got that slaughterhouse crack

slaughterhouse is 100% a new group
and is giving hip hop heads some sound sleep finaly

NOHANDS stop fronting this track is nicer


soren said...

i was like really excited for a second when i read the title to this post

Joe said...

Yeah me too, total let down.... theres a guide to cook crack though for those of us who are less interested in being updated on obscurities of the hip hop world and more interested in learning how to make crack.

Fancy Fre$h fifty-seven said...

oh i didnt know that these cool cats wanna cook crack. how edgy...
c'mon be real....

nohands said...

in all fairness
i could use the knowledge
girls like party tricks and no one like a mouth full of baking soda this one gurl wasted a 50 trying to make that shit

Fancy Fre$h fifty-seven said...

im not frontin
they just started.....
they only made 2 songs
plus theres no arguements that big left and everlast weigh down the group.
i will allways give slain and illbill props
but its no question that each member in slaughterhouse is the real deal holyfield.
i cant wait to see them actually make a album. when they do max, theres no doubt that you will no agree that slaughterhouse is the future.

i never front
treu story