Monday, December 29, 2008

heavy chillerz

heres another gift from that great state of Jersey. heavy chillerz is newest project coming out of the AMERICA house in newbrunswick. you probably know Roi and John from Going to AMERICA for awesome shows such as the first Zombie Vandals reunion with Killin' it, Thriller, A.N.S. and repreach, so show some AMERICAN pride and pick up a shirt next time your at a show. their still just getting started so i think they only have 2 or 3 designs printed so far, but theyve got a lot of shit comming out, including hard to find prints of classic band shirts.

and if you don't get this reference then i hate you

heres the myspace


MCFLY said...

that odb big baby shirt is dooopppe!!

Studio 57 said...

chloe from attake has the poison idea shit on each one of her feet.

Joe said...

big baby jesus i can't wait